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Jumat, 25 Oktober 2013


Why does someone who's being in love like to say it that he/she is falling in love? We can just simply say it 'in love' without using the word 'falling' in the front of that sentence, right?
For me personally falling sounds kinda hardcore. Because falling can means hurting. You fall then you hurt right the second after that. Falling can also means going down. 
So, why does everybody likes to call it falling in love? Does it mean love that comes with a bad impact? Or does it mean that love is always ends with a pain and hurtful feelings?

Or this is just me overthinking again?

Minggu, 06 Oktober 2013

Just so you know....

I have my own personal SoundCloud account. I once made that just for fun. Don't be hesitate to follow me, fellas :D

Jumat, 04 Oktober 2013

Back for good

Taa-daaa! I'm back. It's been like forever that I've been gone M.I.A. So sorry fellas. I've been distracted by my busy routines. I have TONS of things to do. Not to mention, all that super hostile deadlines. But as hard as it sounds, it's kinda fun. I had so much amazing experience, especially in the-process-of-making-program-television sort of things.
You understand now how busy I am, right? so forgive me for being AWOL

Juts to make sure. What I'm doing is just.....

Later, Fellas! 

Rabu, 12 September 2012

new comer

here come the stupid face

ciao amigo! I'm so so so sorry for let this blog moldy and neglected. I realized I didn't make any post for august. not even a welcoming-post like I used to do. yeah at that time blame my internet connection. the thing is, my father had the internet connection off in my home for some reason, so you can imagine me spent my holiday at home without internet connection to explore the virtual word. how boring! 
and now it's september and I already back to my habitat (Jatinangor). my daily class has been running from the past few weeks. and here I am, welcoming days with burden of overload assignments. I surely need an extra energy and additional spirit. 
just so you know I've moved from my dorm to my brand new apartment. finally, huh? no more moist/sweaty air and repulsive insects. and hello to nice-comfy-clean environment. my apartment is not that special btw. it's not that big and luxurious. it's simple, just like a studio. most importantly, it's cozy and nice to live in. in additional it has a swimming pool. that doesn't mean I would often swim, thou. the bad side is it still so deserted and little bit far from my campus and unfortunately my class always start at 7.50. so yeah I have to wake up a little early than I used to. a little leak, I usually wake up at five then sleep again and wake up again at half seven. I'm such a sleepyhead I know hahaha
so yeah that's it for now. I just wanna fulfill this blog and give a little update. see ya soon

notice my new tattoo? it's a bird-shape 

Jumat, 07 September 2012

Morning Craze

just wanna greet you a happy friday morning. it's FRIDAY folks. loosen up a little. have a dazzling friday everyone. cheers for FREE-DAY!! :D

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012


due to my health condition, I've been MIA (Missing In Action). I got a bad flu, so my day is full with cough, sneeze and runny nose. how sickening, huh? not to mention with all the headaches that come up repeatedly and nausea. how to live and get through the day with all that crap without even moaning or squawking? it's such a hell of couple day.
because of my condition, most of the time I just spent in my room, sleeping and covering myself with a blanket. not really like a holiday as I expected before. yeah not even close -_- but what can I do? it's for my best. since I won't take my medicine (because I hate how bad it taste), I should really get an adequate and proper rest.
now I'm feeling a little bit better. I still got a headache and nausea sometimes but I feel okay. my cough is almost vanish. I can sing along when music played and my voice didn't sound like a robot again. good news, rite?
see the picture below? I still manage to take a picture when I woke up yesterday noon. yeah I didn't write it wrong. it's noon not morning hahaha yes I woke up that late :p I remember that day I had a huge headache, right after I woke up from my sleep. that day is so not nice.

that's it folks. I really need to sleep right now. I think I just got my alarm, the nausea is coming back. it's from a different cause btw. it's my first day period so yeah it's normal. catch ya later folks. take a good care of yourself :)

Senin, 16 Juli 2012

adam from heaven♥

Just so you know I have been in love long ago with mr. Adam Levine. who doesn't? he's so charming and sexy. and I can tell he's kinda bad ass in a good kind of way. what I know for sure is I don't like tattoo guy that much. Honestly I hate a guy with a tattoo. but not this time. I make an exception for him. he looks gorgeous with tattoos. yeah let say I'm a huge fan.
what makes me love him even more is this video clip. I finally found out this video at the first time when my friend texted me in the morning, when I just got up from my beauty sleep (yeaah I still remember it clearly). in her text she told me that I should immediately open my laptop and look for the link that she gave me. and yeah after I'm watching that video I'm waaaay more in love with Adam Noah Levine, my Adam from Heaven. I can't even stop watching at this video over and over again if my friends didn't stop me, tee-hee :p
so here's a video that I'm talking about. the one that could melt my heart. enjoy watching folks. maybe prove me wrong that Adam Levine is that much awesome?

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